Privacy Policy

our privacy policy administrated the data which Cell.com.pk gets uses, arranges and discloses by user,s information of the Cell.com.pk website. This privacy policy would apply to the website, service and products of Cell.com.pk.

Personal identification information

Personal identification may gathered by users in a number of ways in order to maintain and provide a qualitative service by filling out a form, when user visits our website.This peculiar information may contains upon users name, e mail, etc. However the visits paid randomly on website. The information collection is voluntary as visitor can refuse to submit it except some neccessary actitivities related to the usage of site.

NonĀ­personal identification information

NonĀ­personal identification information may collect from users when they pay visit to our site. These peculiar information may comprises on browser name, type of computer. some other technical information may needed such as operating system, isp etc.

web browser cookies

usage of cookies is our website,s primary motive to maximize the user experience. The web browser of user have cookies to keep the record of information and to track it also sometimes. This can be set on the disposal of user as it can refuse cookies and its other function to take place. But this refusal can also suspend some related actitvities of site to perform.

What is the utility of collected information

Here are the purposes of collected infromation. A communicative process between cell.com.pk and its users. For the sake of users esteemed feedback to improve our quality of service and products. Randomly email to our users, as to answer thier queries, questions, and other website related affairs.

Protection of users information

we use safe method to collect the data, its usage, and adopt apprpriate tools to protect from unauthorized approach, access, any kind of misusge. we block each and everything that is harmful for the collected personal data of user.

Sharing your personal information

we do not exchange or sell users personal information.


Whom use cookies ads may appear on our site. These cookies permits ad server to reach your computer each time as they send online ads aquire non personal information about you and others might using your computer.

Google Adsense

Some ad may delivered by google adsense. google would use dart cookies allow it to deliver ads. users address, ph no, email, and name could not be tracked as it may use non personal identification information about user.

Change to this policy

our website has right to change, update, upgrade or revise its privacy policy at any time. The new changes or updated data will shown at the bottom of website. we welcome our visitors to keep in touch to see what changes we bring to protect more your personal given data. All the changes and modification is just to bring more refine things add to our service time to time.

Aknowledge our policy

You aknowledge our policy and may show your consent to our policy. You might not use our site if you do not agree with our policy. Your use of our website is kind a gesture that you are agreed with our policy and the changes to this policy.

Contact us

if you have any question, query about our policy, or site related problem, we warmly welcome you to please contact us at: Cell.com.pk This document was last updated on march 15 2016.

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